the open book build kit


About half the work required to build a new home gets done prior to any dirt being moved on site - finalizing the house plan, creating a detailed budget, organizing the  schedule, determining material takeoffs, developing scopes of work and specifications - Open Book Build shares all of this work with customers to give them a serious "jumpstart" in the house building process.  Whether customers hand this package to their chosen builder or they go the owner-builder route, Open Book Build can save customers both time and money. 

Proven Materials List

Estimates are great but actual as-built material lists are way better.   There are lots of decent ways to estimate we provide actual material lists used in the prototype home build.  This means there are no "guestimates" with Open Book Build. 

Automated Build Schedule

The new home schedule shows how the house comes together from lot stake to final inspections. This Excel schedule template includes the order of activities, their durations, and the relationships of each. The schedule includes critical quality inspections and typical material ordering lead times.  

Actual Cost to Build

Every cost experienced from the construction of the Open Book Build prototype home is included in this as-built budget.  From foundation to final paint, the real budget includes each line item for material and labor.  

Contracting Kit

The contracting kit includes the pro resources pro builders use to properly hire subcontractors to do the work.  This includes scopes of work and specifications, bid sheets, and a sample subcontract all tailored to building this particular home.  

PLEASE NOTE: Kit does NOT include actual building materials.