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The Open Book Build Online Course

What better way to learn than to follow a home being built from the ground up?  We've captured the complete process from selecting a lot through to final paint touchups for the Open Book Build.  See how a professional builder plans and oversees a home building project through detailed videos, photos, and diagrams in the newest online course on how to build your own home.  Launched in 2020!  For Limited Time 50% off

major Course topics


Hiring Subcontractors

Hiring Subcontractors



This lesson shares how we created a detailed budget for the Open Book Build to ensure all costs were included from the start.  The success of any new home build comes down to a careful review of all costs.  

Hiring Subcontractors

Hiring Subcontractors

Hiring Subcontractors



It's hard to find good quality trades people these days.  Here we show the best methods used to find, screen, and hire the folks that get a quality job done on time.  

In this lesson we provide a complete overview of the contracting kit used in the Open Book Build and explain how it's used to get the best price for each building activity. 

Scheduling the Build

Hiring Subcontractors

Daily General Contracting Guide


 This learning module shows how our Excel schedule template was used to build the home in under four months.  The template has all the formulas to automate this task...here we show how we use the tool to get a home built efficiently. 

Daily General Contracting Guide

Daily General Contracting Guide

Daily General Contracting Guide


 Pro builders complete specific tasks each day throughout the building of a home to keep the project on schedule and per budget.  This lesson shares the detailed tasks we used for each phase in building the Open Book Build prototype home. 

Lot Selection

Daily General Contracting Guide

Lot Selection


 There are many things to review prior to spending hard earned money on a lot to build your dream home.  Here, we go through each item and show how a little upfront work can make the build process much easier.   

Why take the Open Book build Course?


Launched in March 2020

We finished building the house and launched the course in 2020.  This means you get the latest concepts in building your own home.

Multimedia Experience

We've presented the course material through text, videos, photos, and diagrams to give students a complete experience.  The video/photos were captured daily on the job site as the home was being built.

Open Discussions

Discussions allow students to interact with the instructor and each other by asking questions and leaving comments, adding a deeper dimension to the content being learned.

Sample Course Video

The full online course includes videos showing the critical checks to perform from foundation through to rough framing.  Here is a sample video showing the quality checks required just after pouring the foundation.  

Course Curriculum


Chapter 1: Find a Building Lot

Chapter 2-7: Hire Subcontractors

Chapter 8: Finalize Budget

Chapter 9: Insurance During Construction

Chapter 10: Develop Engineered Site Plan

Chapter 11: Obtain Building Permit

Chapter 12: Review Construction Schedule

Chapter 13: Let's Start Construction: The Foundation

Chapter 14: Frame Schedule

Chapter 15: Final Schedule

Bonus Content


Lot Purchase Checklist

There are very specific things to review prior to buying a lot to build on.  This downloadable checklist provides these items in one convenient place to make sure nothing is overlooked.

Lot Holding Cost Worksheet

Thinking of buying a lot for building a home in the future?  This downloadable worksheet helps you organize the yearly costs for things like HOA dues and sewer availability fees to make sure you know what you are getting into.

Framing Checklist

This detailed checklist helps guide you through the structural quality review process.


instructor's bio

  • Michael Luckado, Co-Founder of Open Book Build and ArmchairBuilder.com
  • B.S. Civil Engineering & Construction Management
  •  20+ years as a professional home builder/general contractor
  • For nine years led a regional home building company as V.P. of Construction and Purchasing, focusing on employee builder training
  • Built homes in multiple states to better understand climate and construction practices across state lines


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