Online Course: COMING SOON!

Curriculum Details


 For those wanting detailed instruction on how the Open Book Build prototype home was built, the online curriculum takes you through the process.  From creating the budget to the daily quality checks, this course Includes:

  • Video of quality checks
  • Detailed written instruction
  • Forum for asking questions




This section of the online course shows how we created a detailed budget to ensure all costs were included from the start.  The success of any new home build comes down to a careful review of all costs.  

Hiring Subcontractors



It's hard to find good quality trades people these days.  Here we show the best methods used to find, screen, and hire the folks that get a quality job done on time.  

In this class we provide a complete overview of the contracting kit used in the Open Book Build and explain how it's used to get the best price for each building activity. 

Scheduling the Build


 This learning module shows how the Open Book Build Excel schedule template was used to build this home in under four months.  The template has all the formulas to automate this we show how we use the tool to get a home built efficiently. 

Daily General Contracting Guide


 Pro builders complete specific tasks each day throughout the building of a home to keep the project on schedule and per budget.  We share the detailed tasks we used in building the Open Book Build prototype home. 

Lot Selection


 There are many things to review prior to spending hard earned money on a lot to build your dream home.  Here, we go through each item and show how a little upfront work can make the build process much easier.   

Sample Course Video

The full online course includes videos showing the critical checks from lot stake through final paint for this particular house plan.  Here is a sample video showing the quality checks required just after pouring the foundation.