Dream Home Living at a 

Starter Home Price

 *Amount includes labor and materials for complete structure from foundation to final paint with finishes shown.  See full Disclaimer 


No remodel tear outs, no shared walls, no huge mortgage...just a new designer home at an amazing price.

Doing What's Never Been Done

An Open Book Build

In pursuit of the most affordable, quality designer home in America, home building veteran designs and builds the ultimate small home and shares all proprietary information from the build.  Open Book Build shares the designer house plan, complete as-built budget, automated schedule, detailed material lists used, and the full contracting kit...all of the tailored pieces used to build this quality home at cost, so you can too.  No's an open book.  


Major Benefits

About half the work required to build a new home gets done prior to any dirt being moved on site - finalizing the house plan, creating a detailed budget, organizing the  schedule, determining material takeoffs, developing scopes of work and specifications - Open Book Build shares all of this work with customers to give them a serious "jumpstart" in the house building process.  Whether customers hand this package to their chosen builder or they go the owner-builder route, Open Book Build can save customers both time and money.



The house plan itself focuses on quality with a designer's touch.  It has been value engineered for maximum build efficiency to make room in the budget for quality finishes.  A simple, affordable home that lives large, this home is designed for easy expansion as the homeowner's family and budget grows.  

For folks choosing to go the owner-builder route, we've created a complete online course showing how this home was built from start to finish including video shot on the job site of key quality checks performed.

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Meet the Builder

Michael Luckado has helped countless owner builders achieve the American dream since launching Armchair Builder in 2011.  There he provides pro builder resources to folks that want to build their own custom home.  Open Book Build takes this one step further by offering a specific designer house plan paired with the complete professional package used to build it.


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