Dream Home Living at a 

Starter Home Price

The House Plan

Open Floor Plan


The gourmet kitchen  boasts a large raised bar top with an expansive seating area.  The kitchen/family room is open to allow for entertaining and large family gatherings .  

Tall Ceilings


One of the most cost effective ways to make a space feel bigger is to add a foot to the standard wall height.  Not only is this nine foot ceiling cost effective to build, but it also saves energy compared to volume ceilings.

Luxury Finishes


Stainless steel appliances, seamless quartz countertops, built in wine fridge, master bedroom walk-in closet -  things you're not used to seeing in the average starter home come standard for you to enjoy, day one!

Easy Expansion


The lower level in the plan is designed for future finish.  Including:

  • 9 foot tall foundation walls
  • Rough in plumbing for bath
  • Escape windows for bedrooms
  • Special waterproofing, drainage, and insulation

Did Someone Say Storage?


The attic trusses have an open design to allow for serious storage.  Over 580 square feet of attic floor space is great for 

storage and is equivalent to a 2.5 car garage in terms of floor space. 

Owner-Builder Friendly


This house plan was designed to make it easier to build.  Forget about complicated roof angles, jogs in walls, or multi-step siding applications.  Here we've simplified the structure and materials used to minimize potential problems.

Doing What's Never Been Done

An Open Book Build

In pursuit of the most affordable, quality designer home in America, home building veteran designs and builds the ultimate starter home and shares all proprietary information from the build.  Open Book Build shares the designer house plan, complete as-built budget, automated schedule, detailed material lists used, and the full contracting kit...all of the tailored pieces used to build this quality home at cost.  No's an open book.  

Major Benefits


About half the work required to build a new home gets done prior to any dirt being moved on site - finalizing the house plan, creating a detailed budget, organizing the  schedule, determining material takeoffs, developing scopes of work and specifications - Open Book Build shares all of this work with customers to give them a serious "jumpstart" in the house building process.  Whether customers hand this package to their chosen builder or they go the owner-builder route, Open Book Build can save customers both time and money.



The house plan itself focuses on quality with a designer's touch.  It has been value engineered for maximum build efficiency to make room in the budget for quality finishes.  A simple, affordable home that lives large, this home is designed for easy expansion as the homeowner's family and budget grows.  

For folks choosing to go the owner-builder route, we're creating a complete online course showing how this home was built from start to finish including daily video shot on the job site of all the quality checks performed.

The Open Book Build Kit

Proven Material Lists

Estimates are great but actual as-built material lists are way better.   There are lots of decent ways to estimate we provide actual material lists used in the prototype home build.  This means there are no "guestimates" with Open Book Build.

Automated Build Schedule

The new home schedule shows how the house comes together from lot stake to final inspections. This Excel schedule template includes the order of activities, their durations, and the relationships of each. The schedule includes critical quality inspections and typical material ordering lead times.  

Actual Cost to Build

Every cost experienced from the construction of the Open Book Build prototype home will be included in this as-built budget.  From foundation to final paint, the real budget includes all material, labor, insurance, etc.  

Contracting Kit

The contracting kit includes the pro resources pro builders use to properly hire subcontractors to do the work.  This includes scopes of work and specifications, bid sheets, and a sample subcontract all tailored to building this particular home.  

Online Course

Curriculum Details


For those wanting detailed instruction on how the Open Book Build prototype home was built, the online curriculum will provide all the details.  From creating the budget to the daily quality checks, this course will Include:

  • Video shot daily on the jobsite
  • Detailed written instruction
  • Forum for asking questions

The main topics covered in the  course include...



This section of the online course shows how we created a detailed budget to ensure all costs were included from the start.  The success of any new home build comes down to a careful review of all costs.  

Hiring Subcontractors


It's hard to find good quality trades people these days.  Here we show the best methods used to find, screen, and hire the folks that get a quality job done on time.  

In this class we provide a complete overview of the contracting kit used in the Open Book Build and explain how it's used to get the best price for each building activity. 

Scheduling the Build


This learning module shows how the Open Book Build Excel schedule template was used to build this home in 100 days.  The template has all the formulas to automate this we show how we use the tool to get a home built efficiently.

Daily General Contracting Guide


Pro builders complete specific tasks each day throughout the building of a home to keep the project on schedule and per budget.  We share the detailed tasks we used in building the Open Book Build prototype home.

Lot Selection


There are many things to review prior to spending hard earned money on a lot to build your dream home.  Here we go through each item and show how a little upfront work can make the build process much easier.  We also take a trip out to a couple lots to show how to apply the concepts in real life.

Latest Updates

Sample Online Course Video

We are currently creating a full online course showing how the Open Book Build prototype home is built.  Included are all of the quality checks necessary to ensure a trouble free home is built.  Here is a sample video showing the quality checks required just after pouring the foundation.  The full online course will have videos similar to this one showing the critical checks from lot stake through final paint for this particular house plan.

  No remodel tear outs, no shared walls, no huge mortgage…just a NEW designer home at an amazing price.

Still have questions?


Meet the Builder

Michael Luckado has helped countless owner builders achieve the American dream since launching Armchair Builder in 2011.  There he provides pro builder resources to folks that want to build their own custom home.  Open Book Build takes this one step further by offering a specific designer house plan while providing customers access to the complete professional package used to build it.


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